The Internal Ongoings

(Not just a stellar movie title)

A Brief Statement from Corporate Headquarters

In 2004, The Hatchery was incorporated in San Diego, California and took on our first clients including the Southern California region Nordstrom stores and E-Force Racquetball, the largest exclusively racquetball company in the world. Since then, we’ve never had to advertise due to our loyal fan base of clients that like our hands on approach and the high quality and thoughtfulness of our design aesthetic. We’ve been known to help our clients figure out the best way to build out their website for months without  a contract and solely based on the belief that trust and teamwork lead all roads to the ultimate goal of fantastic results.

From day one, you can expect close contact, any necessary in person meetings, and lots of ideas. Some of the ideas will work, some won’t, but there will be lots of ideas on how to help appropriately promote to the right demographic and the best design practices. While we’re primarily designers, we believe that good design is both form and function. A website that both looks and interacts beautifully and, also gets the correct message across, is where we excel.

While we’re a small company, we have a network of peers that are amazing in their field and that can bring their ideas and skills to the table. The Hatchery routinely partners with other professionals to make great things even better.

Where We Fit

About 70% of our workload has been web based and 30% print based since we began. We understand the needs of companies to show off their goods with stunning “eye candy” and fun and interesting content. Without a great site and marketing materials, companies risk not being market leaders and missing out on market share. We help to close that gap.

Who in the Heck is The Hatchery?

Brian Landis  is the owner of The Hatchery, the main point of contact and is a designer as well as a project manager on all projects. He’s a natural born designer since before he knew it, studied at Virginia Commonwealth University in Mass Communications  and has extensive experience in the print industry and in website design. Plus, clients tend to like it when he steers the ship.